2013, and the Creek Don’t Rise

Here comes 2013!

I started reading the Christmas Books. I’m live tweeting the first book, The Grand Sophy, as I go. Because I’m like that.

I’m still working on some writing, we will see how far I get! I have a plan of attack, anyhow:

  1. a set of poems
  2. a single short story
  3. a set of short stories related to The Novel

Husband-Bot is full speed ahead in woodworking – everything he makes looks great!  He is thinking about setting up a blog to keep track of projects, and if he does I’ll let you all know where it is. :-p

The big Kid-Bots are doing well in school, Girl’s French is getting better than mine, and Boy is finally starting to speak a bit of it too.

Baby-Bot is walking and teething.

Dog-Bot is getting his hair cut today.

Merry almost 2013!


4 thoughts on “2013, and the Creek Don’t Rise

  1. Will you ask the Husband to email pics of the Boy’s bed to me? I only saw the ones on his phone, and that was sans glasses so really looking forward to getting a good look at the finished project! 😀

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