In Case Of Apocalypse

I’ve decided that all our candles, flashlights, frozen water, canned salmon, and whatever loose bread crusts we have around won’t cut it for our emergency supplies anymore.

So today I shall pick up a flat of Chunky Stew and a flat of canned fruit to add to our In Case Of Apocalypse supply.  We have a Coleman camping stove, so the stew should theoretically work just fine.

It’s ridiculous, though, Googling “emergency food” without adding, “Government of Canada”. Try it!  You won’t find anything useful for the 72 hour period “Before Help Can Arrive”.  Mostly it’s people waiting for the actual apocalypse, doling out advice to stockpile at least 6 months worth of food per person, seeds, farming manuals, etc.


It’s just so much work – restarting civilization.

I have enough trouble with the one that’s already here!

….My husband just caught me writing, and asked if he is supposed to be reading these. “What? No, you live here. I talk to you all the time.”

He’s so cute.

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