Running Mates Made Of Poison

Something is rotten in the state of US presidential politics.

Either the forces behind the Republican presidential race are unforgivably stupid, or they are paying a secret punishment for George Bush Jr, and are not allowed to run a serious race for a certain period of time.  I have to go with the latter, because that many rich people can’t be that dimwitted. Right?

John McCain was a good fellow. I don’t think he would have won, but I bet the Republicans thought he had a chance.  And then – AND THEN – he picked poor sweet Sarah Palin, ertswhile City Councillor of Wasilla Alaska, and three-years Governor of that state, to be the Future Vice-President of Those United States.  And half the country thought, “???”  As time went on, and she kept saying things, the number of people thinking “???” kept growing.

Now they have Mitt Romney, who a very few people like, and many will stomach for the sake of their conservatism, but most people are already thinking: “???”  Oh, but WAIT!  His running mate!  It gets even better.  Paul Gosh-Dang Ryan, Prince Extraordinaire Of Being Rich And Fancy.  Huzzah!  Nobody knows who he is, so we all got to meet him together. And the first thing we learned about him is that his main political and philosophical influence is Ayn Rand.

Ayn. Rand.

You know. The elitist, soulless, sociopath who wrote poignant admirations of a pretty and intelligent young man who tortured and murdered a girl.

Ayn Rand.  Pah.

My favorite part of all this is how in Ayn Rand’s little book, Atlas Shrugged, the demi-god creative people up and leave…they are like, “Hey! Everybody feeds off our creativity in this socialist piece of crap nation, and what do we get in return? Let’s go on strike and leave everybody out to dry!”

Isn’t that essentially what happened in the Wall Street crash?  A bunch of people thought they were extra-talented and extra-special because they happen to be incredibly rich, so they tanked the system, cashed out with their multi-million dollar performance bonuses and now everybody else is unemployed? And the rich financiers equated the ability to abscond with all the resources as meaning they somehow actually possess all the merit?

I despise Ayn Rand’s ideology so much. If I saw her in Purgatory I would bite her, even if it meant an extra five years in the corner with the dunce cap.

Paul Ryan. Bleh.

This whole charade is bugging me. It’s not that I want the Republicans to win. It’s just that healthy competition is good for everybody, and I think the great many intellectually and morally honest political conservatives are done a grave disservice when they are “represented” by rabid hacks.  And so is everybody else. The tone of debate says a lot about a country, and the type of leaders being offered/funded says a lot about how the powerful people view the less powerful. It looks like right now, even more so than last time around, the powerful think that everybody else is a pack of stupid chumps.


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