Letter To My Younger Self

Everybody else on the web seems to be doing it! So here is my heartfelt letter to my younger self:

“Dear Self,

Star Trek is still cool. The latest TV version was too awful to watch, but then they made a movie which made up for it all.  However, there will be a sci-fi show so wonderful that it will make you question the awesomeness of Star Trek. That show will last for 13 episodes, and you won’t find it until several years after its demise.

Start watching Community and How I Met Your Mother when they first come out – they are much better than they seem on the commercials. Don’t watch Arrested Development, though, you won’t get the humor until 2012.

Zadie Smith starts publishing novels in 2000. They’re pretty good; you should read them.  Also, Dickens. And Fanny Burney.

Play Dungeons and Dragons, because you probably won’t get the chance after you turn 24. You’ll be too busy fighting aliens in Antarctica with math and ray guns.  Oh, right, LEARN MORE MATH.

Harry Potter isn’t just for kids. Harry Potter isn’t just for kids. Harry Potter isn’t just for kids.

Bacon is sublime.

Older Self”


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