Mom Must Have Put Brandy In The Breakfast Cereal

Sept 15. 1989

My mom mecks hot dogs. Ilike hot dogs they are deloshis. I hope I have hot dogs for suppr. Thcking auot hot dogs is mecking me hugree.

Sept 18, 1989

I like you becase your alwys nise to me and I like Grade 2.

Sept 21, 1989

I like to go to the fair. It’s very fun. You like me Mrs. Dobin.

Sept 27, 1989

I love my mommy becase she is nise. Oh my mommy love me.

Sept 29, 1989

I love all my relatves and I love my sistr and brothr and mom and dad and i wish i coud invaet evrebode in this cde to my birthday party. I love haveing friends don’t you.

Oct 16, 1989

I like you Mrs. Boden. Becuse your so nise.

Oct 27, 1989

I like my mommy becuse she is so nise. And i like my Dad becse he is very nise to and I like Lisa and Kite and you and Robbie and Carla and most cats and Halloween Kim Cirsmis becse there all nise but Hallween and Cirsimis are not nise but I like them becuse it’s nise that I get to have them arond.

Oct 30 1989

I like cats becuse they are so cute and they have soft fur and my sistsr likes cats to and so does my brothr don’t you Mrs. Bodin.

Nov6, 1989

I want to live at school with my mom and dad and sistr and brothr to but when it whould be school time my mom woud go to a secit room. My Dad goes to work so he dosin’t go to the secrit room.


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