And Then I Can Set Trends!

This is kind of pretty, right?  A very cute little jacket.  But the next picture down has convinced me that I need to learn to sew.

Womens Antique Victorian Fitted Long Sleeve Pleated Trimmed Shirt Extra Small


Oh, sweet mother of stitching! They just don’t make a thing like that anymore.  Not even my house is this structurally sound.  And still cute, even on the inside!

Womens Antique Victorian Fitted Long Sleeve Pleated Trimmed Shirt Extra Small

Because I have no intention of spending $300-$1500 on every article of clothing I own…I’m going to have to learn to Do It Myself.

…Luc had the same look on his face about the inside of this jacket that I get when he is showing me types of wood.  It’s a look that says, “This interests me because you like it, but I have no idea what you are talking about.”

So we’ll try it out and see how much skill I can learn.  Even if it turns out to be out of my grasp, I will still enjoy the fact that human hands can make such useful, sturdy, pretty, fanciful things.  It’s a little bit miraculous.


2 thoughts on “And Then I Can Set Trends!

  1. welcome to to the wonderful world of sewing. My advice would be st start simple, like a sundress for you and #1 daughter. Go into a fabric shop and look around, the variety is boundless. Some words of caution: some times the prices of fabric are beyond belief. Also, MANY times I have costed out a dress to sew and found I could buy something for far less money. Having said that, nothing like the feeling of clothes which you have made yourself. An original piece of art! Happy trails in your new adventure

    • Exactly! I’d pay $100 and 50 hours for a good quality item that I made rather than $50 and 0 hours for the poorly-constructed item I can find in an affordable store. 🙂

      Lord only knows how much I’ll spend on fabric while I’m still learning, though! But – like you said – start simple. I’ll make sundresses and pillows and such at first.

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