You Say ADD, I Say Tomato

I think there probably needs to be people who are almost constitutionally incapable of focusing on the details of the world in front of them.   The “what’s that?  Oh, what’s that?” people, who jump down every attractive-looking rabbit hole, only to emerge hours or days or months later, with an inexplicable knowledge of Ancient Greek or propositional calculus. Because who knows when they might come in handy?  I mean, what if you don’t have a Japanese-English dictionary when somebody randomly needs to know a phrase in Japanese…THEN what will everyone do?   You know, you should really learn Japanese just in case…Oh look at that sunrise!

Most of us choose or fall into life circumstances that necessitate the creation of much more mental order and discipline than we naturally have access to, and that’s okay. In fact, it’s probably good for us. But I like knowing there are some people whose circumstances will continue to encourage and reward a system of random spastic flightiness.  I would never begrudge them the lifelong exhilaration of bouncing around like a Hulk-sized bunny rabbit.

Oh what’s THAT?  Lookit that!  Wee!!!!!!!!!


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