Spring Is Here!

The crocuses are out in force, and the little fairies that were hiding in them underground all winter are so happy to get some fresh air. It’s a good thing they don’t overwinter in the snowdrop flowers, because I haven’t seen those flowers at all this year.  The purple and yellow crocuses are the Very First.



Our dragon, Saint George, likes to chase the fairies when they accidentally get in the house.  I don’t think he’s actually trying to get them – at least I hope not!  Truly, though, I think he just chases them in fun; Saint George is a much nicer fellow than our dog Petey.  (Petey fortunately cannot see the fairies, although he does bark at the smell of them sometimes.  I say “fortunately” because terriers are born murderers of all things rodent-sized…they can’t help themselves!)  Petey is not very imaginative; I don’t think he can even see Saint George, poor fellow.  Although that might be for the best. He might never let off barking again.

Today the kids and dog and I made it out to the park, where all the dozens of brave ducks who sat out the uncomfortable winter are about to be rewarded with some honest-to-goodness spring weather.  Any day now!  The flowers believe it’s coming, so it must be true!

Brr that wind is still cold, though.

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