My mom and sister both called to remind me that today is, in fact, my birthday.  I probably would have remembered it my ownself if it were the olden days of my youth and I were planning to drink too much in celebration of the day.  My thoughts were instead confined to how much food to make for this Saturday when people come over.  🙂

On the topic of drinking, Catie watched one of those short Pink Panther cartoons, which always seemed like such innocent fun, only now she is absolutely fixated on the topic of alcohol.  One of the characters was a drunkard and thought the Pink Panther was a hallucination. His friend helped him throw out all this hidden booze, then they saw the Pink Panther again, and went running down the street chasing the garbage truck full of discarded bottles (presumably because the shock warranted a stiff drink).  This was the first “adult themed” Pink Panther episode I ever saw, but I didn’t worry much about because they are silent and only five minutes long.  However, the episode confused and distressed Catie so much that I had to explain the entire concept of alcohol to her.  At least, I thought I had to explain it to her.  Now, though, I think I should have made something up – she won’t stop talking about “alcohol” and how people “get confused” if they have too much.  Imagine the fun times this Saturday when the grown-ups try to have a nice glass of wine or a rum-and-coke, with a mini-prohibitionist in their midst!

I have given her very strict instructions that if she mentions the topic to anyone else, she is to inform them that she saw it on the Pink Panther cartoons.


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