The Value of Fact-Checking

…is that I less frequently look like an ass.

I get really impassioned about things from time to time.  What things? Just…things.  I think it builds up over time and then volcanoes on the first available issue about which I have a strong opinion.

I was having a dreadfully interesting conversation with my friend about the state of the education system, when entered the topic of homeschooling.  I mentioned that homeschooling lived in the back of my mind as a cure-all to the stupidities of public education.  I don’t get really upset about most of the standard failures of public education, because “I could do it myself” taunts me with alternating hope and blame.

Well, my friend mentioned that, in BC, one still has to follow a curriculum as set out by the BC Ministry of Education. Follow it exactly. And it is a much busier curriculum than that found within the public schools.

My brain immediately turned into a broiling pit of outrage.  What? WHAT?  “What? Who do they think they are?  Who do they think they are?hate BC! You can’t legislate my kids’ minds, you buggers!”  They’d pick all the books that they had to read, require some idiot softy version of math, then keep the kids so busy that I couldn’t fix anything by teaching them some sense with our free time.  Oh, I was pissed.  “I could design a curriculum that would make you weep, you communists!” I don’t actually plan on homeschooling my children, but I was pretty sure, at that moment, that we had to move to another province.


After the “cat-in-a-bottle animal cruelty” fiasco, I have learned the value of fact-checking before I go spouting off via the Internet.  So I went and asked my friend Google, and he explained that Distance Learning is a program by which you can teach the BC curriculum to your children at home. And yes, they do proscribe and supervise the curriculum, because they have to make sure you are doing it right.   Homeschooling, though, is what I had ever assumed – a big anarchist free-for-all that you, the parent, had better not screw up, because nobody is regulating you.

So – I’m sorry BC, for all the hurtful things I said.  I don’t hate you.  We have our issues, but I’m sure we can work them out together.  Please come back inside the house.


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