It’s True

The major benefit of having three small children is how relatively clean and tidy my house is.

No, seriously.

I realized very, very quickly that if I allow clutter and dirt to take over the house, even once, even for a moment, it will never be livable again. We would have to burn it down and move away.  The needs of two little kids and a baby in a small-to-medium space just do not leave the necessary time and elbow room for a serious decluttering. Nor could their needs be met in the face of the tornado ruins that I have occasionally let our place fall into. So life would come to a crashing halt, and there would be no way to fix it!

Boy, does this give me the motivation to tidy and wipe, wipe and tidy, without the griping and pouting that use to be an indispensable part of the process.

It’s still not Martha, but it’s pretty danged impressive, all things considered. (“All things” being my newborn-fatigue and my horrible slovenly nature.)

Also, is it just me, or is three a.m. a wholly unfortunate time to wake up every morning?

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