Delusions of Something, Anyway

Do you remember the Simpsons episode, where Lisa had a bizarre dream which ends with her waking up yelling, “No George Washington! I want to help you!” And Bart is standing in the hall, staring at her in utter disbelief repeating, “George Washington…I want to help you…”

I had a dream about the Second Coming last night. Oh yes!  Except it was like an episode of the A-Team or something.  Jesus was going about all pre-Cana like, minding his own business, then people started to figure out who he was, and a mob started to gather.  “Let’s kill him and get it over with!” they reasoned.

So here was Jesus Christ Almighty, climbing up trees trying to get away from the mob, and I was pulling at them, trying to save Jesus.  I assure you.

It’s because I gave up sleeping for Lent.  The dreams try to replace quantity with insanity.  Oh wait, no. I only gave up potato chips for Lent – I gave up sleeping for the baby!


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