Point Form Update!

The girl is doing very well!  Also, she is hilarious.  We were at her friend’s birthday party the other day, at a big indoor playground, and after she helped Simon go down the big slides, she politely talked another kid off the bottom of the slide, where he was holding up kid-traffic.  “I don’t WANT to move. I LIKE it here,” he snarled.  I didn’t hear her response, but the tone sounded pretty friendly.  And then he moved.

The boy is realllllly benefiting from the new schedule we’ve instituted.   I knew he needed more structure, but just couldn’t figure out how to pull it together, until a few weeks ago.  Ta-da!  It’s like night and day.  He actually spends more of the day enjoying himself, than fighting and crying.

Robbie seems to be possessed of all the happiness a newborn can be supposed to have.  Crying is almost always short-lived, and is punctuated by quite a lot of calm, and occasional signs of actual enjoyment.

Me, I am dealing pretty well with the extra demands and the lack of sleep.  The first hour or so of the morning usually feels awful, but after that I basically forget that I am supposed to be tired (and consequently miserable), and so the day goes on pretty normally.  Mostly I’m amused to be reminded that babies really are a full-time job!  How am I dealing with a rascally dog, a preschooler, a kindergartener, and a house? And food? I don’t know. I feel like Jason Bourne, with all these crazy secret skills that I have no idea how I got.




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