An observation and a goal

This is the most sick I have been in exactly 11 years.  Right after Christmas break in first year university, I had bronchitis and strep and the plague. (But not mono.  Nobody believed me until the test results came back…).  I haven’t been this sick since those few weeks.

Now, I’m no  longer contagious, definitely on the mend, but still a weak quasi-disaster of a human being.  It’s exceptionally frustrating – I have plans, you know!  Routines to institute!  Fun kid things to do!  What’s all this sickly falling-over crap? It’s an exercise in patience, let me tell you.

One good thing has come of it – in the clarity sometimes afforded to the invalid, I have finally decided on a New Years Resolution.  I’m going to learn the lyrics to 99 Luftballons.


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