Random Fridayness

1) I’ve decided to begin teaching my children Latin when they turn 10 years old – it’s the best thing I can think of to keep them from growing up to be heathens.

2) It’s time for a craft table at Chez Cobb!  (a) I hate shopping and all the affordable clothes are horrible. (b) We have a sewing machine. (c) I’m really tired of that black sofa taking up space in the dining room.

3) The organizational project is still in progress, but coming along nicely!  More on that when the kids all move away from home, and I can take pictures of how clean and orderly my house is.

4) “What Men Don’t Want: 10 Ugly Mistakes Women Make That Ruin Any Chance of A Relationship.”  I am seeing this charming ad almost everywhere I go online.  I won’t share the expletives that come to mind, but I will say this: to whoever is behind the ads, I hear the Army and Navy surplus store has a great discount on toothpaste. The brand name is “C4.”

5) I am interested to see how I do with the upcoming diminished sleep… Perhaps all my newly-won Mommy Ninja skills will be up to the task, but I am really not sure if they can handle severe sleep deprivation.  Fingers crossed!

6)  I have to give away my baked Christmas goodies more quickly. I’ve been eating pumpkin loaf all day.

7) Mmmm. Pumpkin loaf.


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