Spectacle de Noël

Zoe Cobb had her first school Christmas concert yesterday!  For the past week or so she has been going around the house singing the entirety of the 12 days of Christmas (in French!) at the top of her lungs.

Since her class is so small, each of the children was given one of the twelve days, and then they were all lined up on stage decked in Santa hats and big laminated sandwich-boards with pictures of their Christmas item on it.  Zoe was “trois petite poules” (three little hens), and besides her sandwich board, she had on little red feathery wings…she hasn’t looked so cute since she stopped falling on her rear-end trying to practice the new skill of walking.

They all did really well, but I was particularly proud of Zoe, who kept grinning and looking sidelong at the class clowns who did their part extra EXTRA loud for comic effect, but she still somehow managed to restrain herself and deliver her part of the song like a complete pro – loud and clear enough for the back row without any of the tempting silliness.

Other things:

Four-year-old Jayne just trounced me, fair and square, at mini-foosball.  I lost 3 to 9.

The strangest thing about expecting child #3, is how very, very fast it’s going.  Six weeks left…that seems like such a short time that I keep checking to make sure I’m not in labour.

I’m still getting used to using aliases for the kids.  “Zoe? Who’s that?”… I’m always tempted to use far too many third-person pronouns to avoid the issue.  But, since I’m pretty sure they aren’t of an age to give informed consent about me blabbing their business on an open blog, I’ll try to keep up the Firefly names…at least until I slip up so many times that it doesn’t really matter anymore.


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