Baby Steps for a Reformed Slovenly Academic

I had a breakthrough yesterday.  It seems that it doesn’t matter how many times you try to “organize” your house – if you don’t keep it up EVERY DAY, the ensuing landslide will wipe out all your lovely organizational infrastructure and leave you as helpless and messy as when you started. With no system and no plan: only ickyness and wasted resources and lost important papers.

How dreadful. You mean I have to put effort into organizing every day???  Ugh.

Now, if somebody would come and make a system that worked, I could definitely recreate that on a daily basis.  But to be the Architect of Order, the Creator of Calm, and ALSO the Maintainer of Systems…this is not my forté.  I think I’m going to have to pull a Multiple Personality Disorder trick on myself.  Next week I’m going to pretend this is somebody else’s house, and will make a firm system for the poor idiot homemaker who lives here.  Then the week after that, I’ll explain it to the other me, who will be responsible for carrying it out.

It’s the only way.


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